Monday, February 7, 2011

The Eighty-Ninth...

Number Eighty-Nine:

The Grapevine Greek & Italian Cuisine, Lunch, Gyro Sandwich

Carolyn and I first tried to go to this other Greek restaurant on Broad, former owners of the Greek Circus (which closed) now back in the restaurant game. The place was closed Mondays. Whoops. Okay then, how about we see if Zorba's has opened back up since that kitchen fire a month ago? Nope, not back in business for a few months according to their voice mail. Okay, The Grapevine is always a good place, parking the Bookmobile can get a little tight, but we manage. We get seated and who do we see but Henrico County Manager Virgil Hazelett eating lunch with some other well dressed dude. A few more shirts and ties come in, giving The Virge a nod and a wink and a hello. Wow, he's like Norm from Cheers here! We tend to see him when we are here on certain Mondays, so it wasn't really new. Me trying to get him in the Napstache photo, however, that would have been. I just couldn't manage without coming across like an insane employee, and hey, I gotta keep a good rep here people! The waitress approaching me in this shot, well, I am pretty sure she already wrote me off as a little nuts when I asked her complicated questions about getting a salad instead of fries and could I Greek it up.

Anyway, I tried so...

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