Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Two Hundred and Thirty Fourth...

Number Two Hundred and Thirty Four:
Luray, Part 1

Sky Meadow State Park, Snack, Goldfish

Our second trip in two weeks! This time not camping, but a trip to Mimslyn Inn, which we managed a package deal a few years ago and scored the same again due to the goof that the Virginia is For Lovers website did, which was still having the deal up two years later. Before heading to Luray though, we wanted to knock out a state park on our list.

Mount Bleak Farm House

Sky Meadow is basically an old farm house property from the 19th century, with some beautiful views and pretty good trails, ending for us with the above view of a small town call Paris. After a good solid hike, we heading toward Luray, stopping a local restaurant called The Apple House for some OK BBQ and awesome apple donuts!

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