Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Two Hundred and Forty Second...

Number Two Hundred and Forty Two:

Perly's Delicatessen, Lunch, Chicken Salad Sandwich

Lisa and I went to Dutch Gap for some bird watching, particularly to see the Least Bittern, which we heard abundantly but never actually saw. Summer bird watching is vastly difficult at times due to plant and tree growth, but we still managed to get a few good ones like a Green Heron and the Yellow Billed Cuckoo. Dutch Gap is a great spot that I fear will take a developmental turn for a joggers/dog walkers paradise now that some apartments and other development is happening nearby.


After the birding was some Perly's! A great RVA spot if you show up at the right time, otherwise you will battle hungover hipsters that perch in booths like mourning doves!

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