Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Two Hundred and Forty First...

Number Two Hundred and Forty One:

So many missed opportunities for a Napstache today....but I think it worked out well. I first was thinking that while in Carytown today I would do a 'stache at Cafe Ole, but left my camera in the car. Then I had this great vision of having Beth Brown and Noah Scalin BOTH doing a 'stache with me (maybe) while we met to talk about which stories were going to be in our upcoming Richmond Macabre anthology (with Noah doing the cover), but I forgot to suggest this and take the picture because it was in my computer bag, as opposed to where I usually keep it; in my pocket. Then after Djing at WRIR, Lisa and I went to Mekong, where we hung out at the bar a while after dinner, I left my camera at home in the computer bag. Note to self: to insure Napkin Moustache, just keep the damn camera in your pocket. Lisa came up with a brilliant suggestion as we were leaving Mekong; let's go pick up some Bev's to take home where you can do the picture! Yes! This picture might be the most recent picture to post 'stache! Instantstache!

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