Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Two Hundred and Thirty Fifth...

Number Two Hundred and Thirty Five:
Luray, Part 2

Artisans Grill, Lunch, Burger

The next day, we woke up bright and early for Luray Caverns because we know better than to wait any later than being on the first tour. The first tour gives you no one in front of you to have to hear or see when looking at the grand views of this spectacular cavern.

Luray Caverns, VA

I had never been before two years ago, when we last came, so I worked on more interesting photos rather than the stand by this and get a shot, stand by this and get a shot, stand by this and get a shot --which most people seemed to be more preoccupied with rather than really enjoying the sites. Digitize it for later.... we saw a lot of people doing this. As we left the gift shop, which the end of the tour naturally dumps you into, we noticed the line starting to form as we were leaving. Yup, early is the way to go here!

Art Gallery in Luray.

After the morning, we headed from the hotel to the gentrified but tasty spot Artisans Grill. Empty in the background, but filled up quick, we were riding the early bird wave the whole day. Then we walked around the town, took in their neat little Art Gallery and headed back to the Hotel for some more relaxation. Sweet!

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