Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Two Hundred and Fifty Third...

Number Two Hundred and Fifty Three:

The Camel, Dinner, Greek pizza

Since becoming a member of the Board of Directors for WRIR 97.3, I have started a nice little tradition before the board meetings; going to the Camel for dinner. The food is tasty, the beer good, and I like sitting at the bar shooting the shit with the bartender. Pretty much being the creature of habit, I get the same thing every time. This time I did change my routine from people watching the Green Drinks Business group that has a function most every time I'm there to putting the last bit of editing red ink I can muster on the Richmond Macabre Anthology. Nearly there, people!

Anyway, the bartender, Georgia, thought the 'stache was funny, but I didn't bother explaining why I did it because one of the people from the Green Drinks Business group was giving a speech at that moment.

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