Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Two Hundred and Fifty First...

Number Two Hundred and Fifty One:
Tastebuds, Dinner, Bacon wrapped shrimp with Hanover tomatoes, cucumbers, lavender potato salad and blue cheese vinaigrette

The double dinner date wound up being wonderfully sporadic today. Our neighborhood friends Judd & Brian asked us over to show them how to set up an Evite, then suggested dinner afterward. We couldn't resist! After walking over to their house and helping Brian set things up, he has a book on Lewis Ginter being released in a week, we headed over to Tastebuds for some more fine food and conversation! And yes, I did have that awesome shrimp dish again and yes, it was delicious! A really great evening! I do look rather doofy in this picture, but then most every napstache is!

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