Monday, July 18, 2011

The Two Hundred and Fiftieth...

Number Two Hundred and Fifty:
Home, Dinner, Chicken tomato pita awesomeness

I think my ratio of doofy dumb shit happening today to totally freaking awesome stuff happening today is about 8:1. So screw the 8 bad things, the GOOD things that happened were awesome. Noah Scalin has been working on and excited about doing the cover for our Richmond Macabre, which looks completely what the three of us were digging! Kick ass! IN TUNE! So there is that, which is all I really need to get through today, hell, the week. The other good stuff today though? Great yoga class and a tasty homemade dinner; some sort of tomato from the garden salsa that Lisa made, and me grilling some chicken, onions and green peppers. Freaking good!

So 8:1, who cares, the good kicked the bad in the pants and sent it home to momma!

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