Monday, July 11, 2011

The Two Hundred and Forty Third...

Number Two Hundred and Forty Three:
Balliceaux Restaurant, Dinner, Burger

Another fine habit that Lisa and I have gotten into has been the Secretly Ya'll... storytellers that happens every once and a while at Balliceaux. We usually have Gina hold down a table for us while we finish yoga, but she was at the beach this week and we wound up standing for a bit. We got to see Beth Brown do her fun tale about a moonshiner relative then a few others before we decide to go to the restaurant bar in the front for burgers. Intermission broke and we chatted a while with Beth, her pal Jeff, and Paul Ginder, before grabbing a beer and finding a crowded booth to sit at and watch the second half. The second part is the out of the hat portion, which can sometimes be more interesting because these are not practiced tellers, but random people spilling out tales, with often hilarious results. A terrific event for RVA!!!

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