Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The One Hundred and Thirty Ninth...

Number One Hundred and Thirty Nine:

Home, Dinner, Steak

I'm getting pretty good cooking on the grill that Lisa bought for my birthday (and kind of new home) gift. It rocks. I have a "meat" side and a "vegetarian" side; meaning I have never cooked meat on the left half out of consideration of non-meat eaters. Hardcore vegans might not partake though because it's not completely separated, smoke still permeates throughout. Flank steak has been my new kick. A previously dismissed piece of meat that cooks surprisingly fast and well, and great marinaded. Mashed potatoes too! Yum!

By the way, it has really come to the point in this blog and the 365 mission that I occasionally take two in one day. I also took one at lunch, at Riverbound with the BK crew, "just in case". Although, "just in case" is for the writing material rather than the actual picture.

Our waitress today, the good one spoken about in a previous post, totally buddy chatted with us about some bachelorette party she went to at The Vault (actually Bank and Vault, I think), where they had a lame meal, and crazy guys getting in her space on the dance floor. I couldn't really understand what the hell she was talking about, only because once she said The Vault, I was wondering who eats dinner at a place called "The Vault". Bachelorette party gals I suppose!

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