Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The One Hundred and Twenty Sixth...

Number One Hundred and Twenty Six:

Home, Breakfast, Cereal

Third in the Paint-By-Numbers series. Lisa and I talked a bit last night about the ones we have on the walls. My opinion is that this is the oldest one we have. She says it is hard to tell just by the design because they reissued them over the years. It still has that older vibe to it. I dunno. Very cool stuff but it might have lost it's kitch over the years. I mean you can still walk into a craft store and probably pick one up and do one yourself, but would it have the same allure that one already done from the 50s or 60s have? With that mystery of just who might have done the one you bought at a flea market. Maybe.

So I Google "Paint By Numbers" and this great link comes up: An exhibit! This Napkin Moustache picture has a little, "Hey! I'm in another Dimension!" angle to it, with the tv antennae and shadowing, but it works!

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