Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The One Hundred and Thirty Third...

Number One Hundred and Thirty Three:

Greek Grill Cafe, Dinner, Kebab

I was really surprised (and glad) that Hope actually wanted to bike to the FURTHER location of the Greek Grill for supper this evening. It's a pretty adventurous ride, having to cross over a few busy traffic streets and dodge various variousnesses. She did it and was rewarded with some spaghetti while I took part in a pork kebab. Good stuff.

Sure enough a few moments go by when I hear, "Hello neighbor!" It was Talia who lives a few doors down from us and also great host of the Louisiana Dance Hall on WRIR 97.3. We chatted a moment, she was jealous of our bikes and was going to give her husband, John, a hard time that we biked here from home, so they could too. Ha! Anyway, I also saw one our administrative heads from the library, Christine, the assistant director. It looked like a double date with her husband and another couple. I noticed her a bit too late to say hello; their food had arrived and they were all in good conversation.

This napstache is the same mural from a previous 'stache a number of weeks back. This time I noticed that it was none other than Happy the Artist who did the mural! Can I call that a third person I knew (well know OF) at the restaurant? Nah? Ah well, I tried! After a good meal, we still managed to bike back just as well, in spite of our full bellies.

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