Monday, March 7, 2011

The One Hundred and Seventeenth...

Number One Hundred and Seventeen:

Balliceaux Restaurant, Dinner, Burger

After a nice rigorous (for us) yoga session, it was off to Balliceaux for the Secretly Ya'll storytelling event. We went to the last one and had a good time, meeting Gina, who secured a table for us. She did it again and we got to get our burger, booze and stories on. Great event where there are several featured storytellers that spin some yarns, then, after an intermission, they draw names from a hat for random people to come up and tell tales. Some are great storytellers, others just have a funny thing that happened to tell. What is brilliant about it, particularly with the "amateurs" is where the stories kind of sidebar, then wind up. Thinking the tale out often leads to wonderful, clever passages. Great stuff.

This one was while Jay from Deep Groove Records was on the stage.
I had to rename this thanks to my friend Janet!


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