Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The One Hundred and Twenty Fifth...

Number One Hundred and Twenty Five:

El Nopal, Lunch, Nachos

So Emily happened to be in the east end neighborhood and Gina and Justin like to to dig on some El Nopal, so we hit it. Group 'stache was frequently mentioned but Justin was dubious. We still managed to talk him into his second group 'stache by the way for this blog, Gina has like 3 or 4, I think, even if unpublished here, and well, this was Emily's first. A good group 'stache! Interesting thing about this place today; for lunch they had a drink special called the Margareta Hulk; 64 ounces of green margaretaville for 19.95! What a bargain! IF you didn't have any plans for the next few hours, it was the perfect getaway. Unless Hulk got mad and tore shit up, then you would probably wind up in the drink tank at county. Just sayin...
The picture on the wall was a great desert scene, but we all thought it was missing a monster of some sort; a chupacabra, a UFO, or both, or...HULK!!!

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