Thursday, March 10, 2011

The One Hundred and Twentieth...

Number One Hundred and Twenty...

Sprout, Dinner, Fish tacos

The kid and I went to Sprout after some stuff we had to do. I had this great coupon for them, plus Sprout people are good people. They are a "localvore" restaurant, which means over 90% of the food they serve is local, from local farmers and producers. Plus owners Jamie & Laurie are just great people to know that give a shit about Richmond! As well as musically inclined, and totally support local music / art / creativity! Anyway, the meal was great, I had the fish tacos and Hope a basic salad. NOM!

There was a bit of a gathering at the bar; married ladies on a night out, I swear I recognized one of them from somewhere, but anyway... We were at a two top near the bar and under this great cast iron chandelier!


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