Saturday, March 19, 2011

The One Hundred and Twenty Ninth...

Number One Hundred and Twenty Nine:

Sprout, Funk Brunch, Soul Hash

The good people at Sprout let me do a Funk Brunch set at their restaurant! PLUS, they did a rad menu to accompany!

I got there around 11 and got set up and just started spinning records and playing funk from the 60s & 70s. Hope was there to help and she had a blast too. At first only a few people came, then gradually it got pretty busy. They put me in the front corner and just let me go at it. I had a magnetic board to let people spell stuff, a la Soul Train Scramble Board, but I couldn't see it, so all kinds of silly stuff was being put up. Still made it fun! I also had a box of records to give away, with a sign on it that read, "dance for a record" but no one took any; well no one danced for any either! A lot of people did manage to bop around in their chairs while they ate, so that was good enough for me! Here is the playlist, kind of, which I kept writing on this giant sized post-it paper, the kind they use for office meeting and stuff. I forgot some songs in between and at the end just stopped writing them down, but still a damn fine representation!
I didn't get enough pictures, should have had the kid do it, but there was a nice crowd I would say. I will call the Funk Brunch a success and hope to do it again sometime! This Napstache is toward the end of it, hearing that the sign had letters spelled out, "Grey is not Funky"! Bullshit! I was laying the FUNK for close to four hours! BOOM!

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