Thursday, March 17, 2011

The One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh...

Number One Hundred and Twenty Seven:

Bev's Homemade Ice Cream, Dessert, Mexi Cali Chocolate

I talked Hope into going into Carytown with me, which was great because she got to go to the bank, then meet me at Plan 9, then a quick trip to River City Cellars where David had some beer on hold for me. The kid then actually talked me into Carytown Sushi, a great little place we used to go to pretty frequently when we lived around the area. We used to each get the Sushi Sampler at 9.99. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and that plate now exists under another title and 4 more bucks. So we split some upgraded thing for 25 bucks, a lot of sashimi kind of drew Hope away, she likes the rolls, but it was still good stuff. She then suggested Bev's and I asked if she was buying. After some chagrining she agreed to buy mine! HA! Only fair since I bought dinner, dangit! Anyway, the servers at Bev's most always hide in the back until they hear someone come in, serve them, then vanish to the back once more. We were the only ones there after some smooching couple left and I started my napstashing with great humor. Continuing the "other dimension" theme from yesterday's photo, I was cracking myself up when another employee came in and kind of caught me doing this one. She ignored it. Probably for the best...


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