Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The One Hundred and Eighteenth...

Number One Hundred and Eighteen:

Home, Dinner, Burger

You know what is really cool? When you get to know people that were once acquaintances a bit better. Laura and her husband John came over for burgers (and bocas) on the grill this evening and gave our yard the once over for the upcoming Northside Garden tour this May. I have known Laura (who happens to be "liking" EVERY ONE of my Napstaches on my Facebook update for the year as well--yeah!) around town over the years, and these past couple years have happened to gotten to know them better. John is a contractor and she used to work for the City of Richmond and now they are both part of City Garden, a swell market garden here in town. They know their stuff. It was great to see how they each had a passion for the work they do. We walked around our yard as the spring day turned to a chilly evening, looking at our various plants and shrubbery getting some tips and care. One of the most interesting to me being that you can just break off some of the branches with your hand on the box wood, so rest assured, I won't have to get all Texas Chainsaw and ruin the damn thing after all. After the nice walk around we had some grilled dinner and some of my leftover birthday cake, then more talk and drink in the family room. Good people that were great to get to know better! More! Laura was up for a stash after dinner too, so...here's to getting know friends even better!

City Gardenstache!

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