Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Three Hundred Forty Seventh...

Number Three Hundred Forty Seven:

Chesterfield Towne Center, Lunch, Some Chinese nightmare

Okay, since when did the old Chesterfield Mall don "Towne" and "Center" to it's moniker? It's not only stupid sounding, but stupid spelling for Midlo, yo! Anyway, Richmond Macabre crew were in full effect for the Poe Museum fundraiser at Barnes & Noble. Beth and I managed to sneak away for some mediocre Chinese plates. Sat like a rock for me, made Beth feel icky. Lot of great activity at the tables though; bag puppets, readings, zombie make-up demos, plus this thing that Beth and I posed for below. Anne Soffee and family stopped by too, and great to chat with her, plus she took the picture!

Getting Casky with it.

Long day, fun day. B&N does NOT support local, just want you to know that, and they are bastards about it. BUT, we still had a great time with the Poe people and writers, a few of us even grabbed a beer (or two) at the Red Robin across the Food Court late in the day. Good times yucking it up at the RR bar, acting up.

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