Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Three Hundred and Twenty Sixth...

Number Three Hundred and Twenty Six:
The Poe Museum, Book Launch

Today was our book launch party of Richmond Macabre : Nightmares from the River City at the Poe Museum. Wow! What terrific event! The weather was getting cold, threatening rain, perfect for the day full of moody soundscapes, creepy book readings and getting to know everyone that contributed to the book.

Lisa and I showed up around one to help set up with co-conspirator Beth Brown. Everything started to come together around 15 minutes before the event. Beth and I could tell when someone walked in who looked like one of the writers. (We had met NONE of the contributors before today, that was kind of cool!) After a while, chock full of great atmospheric music by my pal Sean Lovelace and Brian, the first set of readings by the authors began. I was one of them, I thought I did a pretty decent job. After the first set of readings, more musical interlude followed as well as the invitation for people to tour the fantastic Poe Museum. So surreal, and awesome, was when people started coming up to me asking to sign their book! Wow! Kind of special, neat. It was great to see so many people interested in a collection of short horror fiction set in and inspired by Richmond, Virginia, something that I (and I am sure Beth) am very proud to be a part of! It's kind of like the reward for the hard work of putting this project together.

Next, the second set of readings began, also great. Ending the afternoon with a massive book signing by the 13 authors that appeared for the event. There were a lot of special moments for me, too many to mention here, but there will be some pictures on tomorrow's blog of the event. Such a great time, perfect!

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