Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Three Hundred and Thirty Seventh...

Number Three Hundred and Thirty Seven:
Home, Dinner, Leftovers

After yoga, it was some quick leftovers before deciding what to wear on television tomorrow. It's been kind of funny because Beth and I have been telling each other what we are maybe wearing so we don't clash on camera; like a couple of gals going out on the town! hahahahahahaaaaaaa Anyway, I think we have decided! Tomorrow is going to be an action-packed day. I might, no, I MUST get a napstache while getting ready to get on the television!


  1. Don't wear tiny checkers or stripes or anything. Those show up weird on camera.

  2. Don't tell Phil, but I'm wearing a rainbow clown wig. EVERYTHING goes with that, right?