Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Three Hundred and Thirty Ninth...

Number Three Hundred and Thirty Nine:

I think I have found my favorite way to really enjoy the folk festival in Richmond, photograph interviews! Now I am sure I'm like a lot of people, I don't really know a lot about the acts they get for the thing, plus it's all not really music that I seek, but always enjoy when I get there.

This year I was helping with WRIR 97.3. Since the host radio station (88.9) won't allow ANY OTHER station a stage (for whatever reason), we decided to use guerrilla tactics; a $97.30 giveaway to random people that wear their WRIR Fund Drive tee shirt! It worked like a charmed both times today. Mike Rutz took the mic and we found two appreciative WRIR fans then broadcast them live getting the prize pack. Fun! So we did one around 2 then at 7, in between James Hickman and I, with help from Will Armstrong and Charles Williams, went around getting interviews with acts backstage! Fricking sweet! (and thus, my favorite way to enjoy the festival!) Original P was a peak moment, seen below here. Dude just arrived and needed a beer and the ladies were hilarious!

Charles and Original P members

Me hamming it up in the backstage tent.

Also squeezed in was a visit to the American Civil War Center, it was free and I also got to talk with Doc Gillespie and my Macabre Partner in Crime Beth signing books! Good day, but a long one!

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