Monday, October 31, 2011

The Three Hundred and Fifty Fifth...

Number Three Hundred and Fifty Five:

Home, Dinner, Lasagna

Amazing night last night at Balliceaux for the Macabre Masquerade. The Secretly Ya'll...storytelling was fine, the readings from the book were terrific and the band, The Zombie String Trio really brought the awesome! So great! So today, being Halloween, Gina, Justin and I got to dress up, cuz that's how we roll suckas! Gina did a good 60s black & white movie gal, Justin did a swell Muertos Cowboy, and well, I was the Masque of Red Death.

Here's a pic we shared with co-workers:

Third costume this Halloween by the way... damn. Anyway, home eating lasagna and watching the classic Wicker Man is my night! Nice!

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