Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Three Hundred and Fifty Third...

Number Three Hundred and Fifty Three:
Home, Snack, Nuts

Well, today it happened. Phil Pollard died. He was with family, friends and his music and went peacefully. He leaves behind his wife, his three daughters and legacy of living. He was 44 years old. If you had ever met him, you would never forget him, and I certainly won't. We were in a band together for a year and a half and I still would see him occasionally. He was a man that always had a nod and a wink, and something clever, smart or terrific for you. A man that lived happily and shared that joy. Thanks for it, Phil!

This picture was taken on the fly, things were busy today; a book event at the New York Deli with Chop Suey Books that turned out well, then a drag costume party in the evening. The picture is a SUPER RARE print of the book cover, basically a test run, five made in this grey and black tone that Lisa and I had framed. We also had the "normal" book cover print framed, which will probably go up the rest of the year. Looks great!

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