Friday, October 28, 2011

The Three Hundred and Fifty Second:

Number Three Hundred and Fifty Two:
Home, Lunch, Turkey sandwich

This is me being rather tired! Up since 4, doing the radio show, then Fountain Books for a signing, then grocery store! I come home to think that I find out that Phil Pollard had died. I was very sad. He is an enigma of a man, but he is smart, caring, funny. One of a kind. I had the great pleasure of being with him in a band (SPLORK!) as well as at the radio station. This is from his website, and sums up the man quite nicely:

phil pollard: about phil

Phil Pollard - Human Being

Phil Pollard is a drummer, percussionist, and teacher. He is fond of the classics and believes everyone should know them; but he also knows the importance of living in the moment. Therefore, he combines the written, often classic Literature, with dance and improvised music so that live audiences can live in both worlds at once.He plays a variety of styles in a host of venues, including bars, theaters, and churches; he does a little radio; he led his Band of Humans in playing a set at Bonnaroo 2006, and he led the Bonnaroompah Band at this past Bonnaroo.

Lately, he has been helping to promote The Slomski Brothers, old salesman friends of his in their endeavor to spread good cheer to all.

He is a lover, not a fighter.

I was wrong, it was the Facebook tumble that started....and as it turns out, he is still on life support, but gravely ill. So let's pull for him people!!

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