Friday, October 14, 2011

The Three Hundred and Thirty Eighth...

Number Three Hundred and Thirty Eight:
WTVR, Television Appearance

I covered three mediums today.

Radio: First, I did my radio show, with two guests; Jeff Roll from the James River Film Society, then Alex Orangyna from the River City Roller Girls. Jeff talked about the Halloween Showcase and several other events upcoming, and Alex talked about a roller derby double header happening tomorrow. Excellent time with them both!

Television: After that, it was down the street to the "South's first television station" WTVR Channel 6 and their Virginia This Morning show for an appearance for the Richmond Macabre book. There Beth and I were, wedged in between "hicks-spanic" comedian Alex Reymundo, "The Waltons" Earl Hamner, AND a baby flamingo, eventually batting clean up in show. I managed this napstache right before the interview with Cheryl Miller, who is way more calm while interviewing than the other dude; who is jacked up on some serious coffee or something. Here is the interview. Funny thing, it was so fast once we got in the studio, then bam, interview done, now here is the egress. "Which way would you like to leave the building?" the thin fashionable blonde producer asked. Beth said the back, so yup, we left the station via the alley, which was kind of great because the huge pink and white station tower looms right there and is always awesome to see up close.

Interlude: Then went to work for a few hours. Lunch break. Then off to the west end of town to ANOTHER television studio, this time Henrico County's HCTV to do some voice over work for a show they did on the county library system.

At HCTV studios.

Print: Ending the day at Westbury Pharmacy for a book signing. The owners there were so nice and hospitable. They made two really big posters for the event, gave us a great location, table, candy corn and refreshment.

Me, Michael Baughan, Beth

We even signed several books too! The kind folks even let us take one of the large posters with us to totally use for future book events. So a full, fun day!

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