Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sixty-Fourth...

Number Sixty-Four:

Padow's Hams & Deli, Lunch, Pastrami and Swiss Sandwich

G. brought her lunch again, so we had to find a place that let people bring their food in and eat. We hit the Padow's near the Border's Books which kind of used to be my favorite chain bookstore until today. I'll tell ya that in a minute. First I have to tell you about these two dudes that came into the Padow's while we were eating. One was a good old boy, older in his 60s, complete with muffin hat, beer belly and vest-like jacket, the other dude, we deduced maybe his son in his 30s or 40s, was dressed in a monks outfit. FOR REAL. We were all cool with that until...

Well, the monk dude went back to the bathroom, while the older dude stood by the front door. Okay, he's waiting for him to use the restroom. Then the old dude starts heading back there too, and finally monkman comes out. Okay. Then the old dude resumes his post by the front door and monkman sits at the table closest to the old dude, all spread out casual looking. I didn't care that the pair were an odd match, nor did I really care that one was a monkman, but they were acting sketchy. Words of wisdom: sketchy comes in all shapes, sizes and religions. What was up with that?

Okay, so we get out of there, fearing the worst, be it religious confrontation or maybe a kung-fu battle, and head over to Border's, as often we do on this particular BK day, if anything, to see what is being pushed as far as retail. As we pull up, I notice they have huge signage claiming 75% off clearance, etc etc. Now I had heard of this whole bankruptcy thing and was looking forward to maybe jumping on the sales a la Tower Records downfall like a shark on chum. I get inside, and it's pretty much the same shit they try and peddle, mingled in with leftover Christmas. Okay, fine, browse browse -what's this, Ken Burns The War, with a sticker $49.00? Now, I see the sign just near my face reading: "75% off off sticker price". Hmmm, doing math in my head, that would be about 14 bucks if this is true. I would do that. Still, the dubiousness in me raises the question to the nearest employee where she promptly points out that the current sticker price of $49 bucks IS the discount. She completes the transaction with a "look" that says, you're cheap mister. Oh, well, that's kind of sneaky Border's. And bullshitty. And to think I actually TRIED to join your little keychain cardholder club by registering for 5 minutes before I got frustrated and quit anyway. Well, forget you pal! Go bankrupt already!

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