Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Fifty-Seventh...

Number Fifty-Seven:

Trak's Restaurant, Lunch, Soup and Salad

This place has been around forever. L. and I every once and while get here for a late lunch (or early dinner, depending if she was working the night shift or not). Good stuff. And the decor is over the top awesome. Plants and Christmas most of the year round. C. had not been there in a long time (20+ years) and I was hankering for some hummus. Since Zorba's had burned their kitchen up and was closed, this was just as close to our next Bookmobile stop anyway, so we hit it. Speaking of hitting it, doesn't it look like Santa is gonna wallop me with the light? I'll call this:

Bludgeoned by Santa!

Well, okay, more like looking in my ear the way a Doctor would, but calling it "Dr. Santa" just sounds wrong.

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