Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Eightieth...

Number Eighty:

Balkan Restaurant, Lunch, Chicken Gyro

After reading the recommendation in Richmond Magazine, and me doing Yelp mapping, Lisa and I finally had the chance to try this nice little restaurant in the West end. We started with some cheese Burek, very tasty and fluffy. Then we each had the chicken gyro with two sauces to choose from; one was a red pepper sweet thing and the other was a sour cream and feta thing that was terrific. The bread they make is homemade and fantastic! I asked if we could get some to go for our dinner in the evening, but they said they couldn't because they only made a certain amount. I think our waitress thought I meant for free, but we were wanting to buy some. Anyway, she said we could call ahead for any large orders like that. Good stuff. Service was very friendly and it felt very much family oriented. Very culturally Balkan as many people came in, families, speaking the language and yucking it up like it was a neighborhood restaurant. Recommended spot, wish it was a little closer to town however, because I don't think we will get out there much. The Bookmobile however...




  1. You're making me think of one of my favorite places in San Diego, Mama's Deli. It was this teeny Lebanese place that made killer food. But it had a similar policy with the bread. We asked if we could get some to go, meaning to buy, but think there was the same miscommunication as we later found out it was available for a hefty price...which I happily paid.

  2. If the 'Mobile goes you have to get me some of that Burek to go!!!