Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Seventy-Sixth...

Number Seventy-Six:

Home, Soup and Sandwich, Chicken Salad

A quick bite for dinner, Lisa and H. were full from their lunches but they kindly ate anyway after I threw a mild tantrum. Homemade chicken salad, which is really just the precooked chicken from Martin's Ukrop's Cafe, sweet relish, onion and the kicker, Duke's Mayonnaise. Oh, and fresh ground black pepper. LOVE pepper pretty much in anything except maybe pudding and cake. It certainly is better than a salt habit, that is for sure.

Speaking of Ukrop's. Note the web link, which is now touting a new name for itself, "Homestyle Foods" which then gives you the redirect to the new name link. So it was awkward typing the above phrase, "Martin's Ukrop's Cafe", too many possessives going on in that. I guess I should call it want it wants to be called now, "Ukrop's Homestyle Foods Cafe at Martin's". That doesn't cut it much either, does it? How about, "Ukrop's Homestyle Foods now, but soon to be just a Martin's prepared fresh food area". There, that's more like it.

Anyway, a quick meal and a quick photo, catching H. mid-bite! Ha!

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