Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Fifty-Third...

Number Fifty-Three:

Home, Dinner, Foil-pack Chicken

Goofy shot here, (like what Napstache ISN'T!), I really wanted to accent my friend James Conkyln's art, a rendition of one of those random photos you accidentally take with your digital camera, realized creatively here. Monument Avenue during the annual Easter Parade. One of our favorites in the house. Thanks James!

To the right behind me, three random photos of my grandfather and grandmother, from Jonesville, Va. I received copies from my Aunt who had them scanned from the originals: one of them at some random gas station or garage in the 30s; the second, my grandfather looking dapper with his homemade mandolin in front of the house he and his father made; the third being another of them looking cute as a couple. Being a lover of history, seeing these photos really gives me a different perspective of my grandparents. I was so used to seeing them as old, grey haired and making banana pudding or helping me pick worms from the tobacco when I helped them one summer or even shooting a rifle from grandpas lap while he smoked his pipe, that I never realized they were young. Seeing these pictures, I imagine them so cool in that southwest Virginia farm-folk kind of way; genuine, full of life, picking and dancing on Saturday nights, going to Church the following Sunday. Maybe we all could realize the stories and lives of our seniors. I know, Phil, quit making a cheesy statement. Screw you, I love hearing tales from the elderly, they have some great yarns and often are nothing like the world we live in today. They had no cell phones or weekend trips to Target or stress concerns of what gaming platform their kids HAVE to have. Today we seem more like a housebroken bee colony obsessed with technology and branded by consumerism and what we own. Yeah, sure, back then, they still had the same problems with hard times and people, but I think there was more poetry then.

Sorry, waxing....

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