Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fifty-Fourth...

Number Fifty-Four:

Chicken Fiesta, Lunch, Chicken Nachos

So having an eleven year old Bookmobile, it tends to need to be in the shop more often than say, a NEW ONE. That being said, this had nothing to do with the reason why we didn't have it on the road today. We put it in the shop for general maintenance over the holidays. Of course so did every school bus driver in the county, so we had to wait just like the rest of them. Well, G. & I managed to drop off some of the day care books and even make a few stops for our seniors using the county car. We also swung by the garage to see how the Bookmobile was doing, and picked up some books that were on the shelves we needed. Yup, sure enough the BK was housed in a bay with various attachments on it getting its check-up, so they weren't feeding us a line of bull when they told us it wasn't ready yet. We got to go to Chicken Fiesta on the way back for lunch. In front of us in line were a couple in matching hospital or dental scrubs, being all huggy huggy kissy lovey dovey vomit and they let us go in front of them. Oh gee, thanks, ya'll could probably use a prophylactic and hotel room rather than a taco, how about you get a room. Ah, work romance! Anyway, good freaking nachos!

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