Friday, September 23, 2011

The Three Hundred Seventeenth...

Number Three Hundred and Seventeen:

The Blue Goat, Dinner, Family style

Great dinner with Lisa and Gina at this new fancy restaurant in the high brow section of Grove and Libbie. Couldn't even begin to mention the foods we all shared, including a spectacular chocolate pate that reminded Lisa and I of the kind at Avalon.

After that is was off to see Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins at the University of Richmond's International Film Series where we also ran into Ceci! So, basically two out of four of us really dug the movie; Gina and I wound up really liking it, Lisa and Ceci not so much. Miike joints usually off put people by the amount of blood and violence in his pictures although Gina and I felt that it was less than some of his other, more insane works. Great picture though, makes you wonder about honor to the Man or the Code of Morals type deal.


  1. Netflix keeps telling me I'd love 13 Assassins based on my interest in Let the Right One In and Shaun of the Dead.

    WTF? :P

  2. !!! I really don't see how a samurai movie is recommended based on those movies (good movies!). See like they should recommend Zombieland for SotD!