Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Three Hundred and Eighth...

Number Three Hundred and Eight:

Mekong, Dinner, Spicy Crispy Chicken

I was home, chilling and chatting with Lisa on the old Bookface when she suggested she meet me for an early dinner at Mekong for her dinner break at work. How could I resist eating with my wife AND spicy crispy chicken! Oh, and Saison Dupont on tap AND a nice Petrus sour. WOOT!

On a more reflective note, I guess around 300, especially with me basically just eating out or in or wherever, it might start to seem mundane? I don't know. Maybe it reaches that point where a reader goes, "Oh, he ate at Mekong again, got the same thing again, whoopty shit." I hope the blog hasn't turned into that, I think I have included some pretty interesting stuff over this past week and for the most part. Okay, I'll chalk it up to "300 Melancholy". How about that! I created a new 365 Make Something Term!


  1. Thanks for being my dinner date! Having had lunch with librarians, I needed to get out of the lib for dinner.