Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Three Hundred and Twelfth...

Number Three Hundred and Twelve:

Home, Dinner, Tacos

Such a great reunion show for Splork for the WRIR 97.3 LPFM CD Release party and a fantastic mix of music last night for the Fund Raiser! We raised over 500 bucks with Pedals on our Pirate Ships, Moosa, Ms. Proper, Peace Beast and us bringing it home with the dorkcore insanity!

Beach balls were flying, so much that a random ball struck a beer tap and created a waterfall of beer till one of the bartenders got to it. Also, some of the people we loved to play for best were there in full awesomeness. Wendy was bad ass, Michael and I had several layers of costume creativity and drummer Noell, well, he skinned it! Nice!

Band rocking it.

Special HIGH FIVE to Mike Rutz and Lindsey Spurrier, Events Committee chairs for WRIR, for constantly putting awesome stuff together for the station!

So today was the first time in a while I had the chance to veg out, which as much as I love to have all this great stuff going on, down time is always treasured. So I watched the Cinerama spectacle How the West was Won, as well a thoroughly great documentary on Cinerama afterward! Then yummy tacos for dinner! Good day.

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