Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Three Hundred and Nineteenth...

Number Three Hundred and Nineteen:

Home, Dinner, Beef tomato awesomeness

This was pretty much my vision after playing video pinball for at least an hour. Being a person that grew up during the golden era of arcades and video games (Pac-Man --I sucked at, Frogger -- I sucked at, Phoenix -- I was okay at that one, Gorf -- I was okay), my all time favorite then and now is Pinball. I freakin LOVE pinball. If I had a choice between whatever popular video game was in an arcade ever, I would still choose pinball. So, I think for my mid-life crisis purchase, if and when that happens, I would really LOVE to get my hands on a pinball like Funhouse, or Pinbot (not the Black Knight though, that one kind of sucked). This video game that I have actually has all of those, plus a few more Williams tables, an okay substitute for the real thing, but still would LOVE the real thing!

Also, ONE WEEK till the Richmond Macabre Book Launch!

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