Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Three Hundred and First...

Number Three Hundred and One:

Panera, Lunch, Soup & Sandwich

Something about all the rain and the chill and thunder and flashes of light while on the road today made me want some soup and sandwich. Kind of like the call of Fall or something.

One of the oddest, stupidest things Gina and I saw was on the way in. We dodged the rain onto the strip mall sidewalk and POP! right there around the brick column was a random grocery cart with a freaking BABY in it. The baby looked quite bewildered, probably as bewildered as we were. Then we noticed just across the lot, a woman who was either being helped by an attendant or something who laughingly and lightly walked back over to the baby, claiming it was hers. I guess she thought it OK that baby was in this wheeled cart, that MIGHT have rolled out into the street or something. Moronic woman also stole our booth seat at Panera, where she met a girlfriend with her babies, then at one point they BOTH left the kids on their own again for a moment! What the hell!

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