Monday, September 12, 2011

The Three Hundred and Sixth...

Number Three Hundred and Six:
Balliceaux, Dinner, Burger

After an invigorating yoga session, Lisa and I met Gina for Balliceaux burger time and one of my favorite local events these days. Secretly Ya'll... has now been in town for a year and they did a special Musician's Secret episode which was brilliant. Singer-Songwriters got a chance to come to the stage and talk about a song they wrote, then played. What was really great about it, was that they just did ONE song, then let the next person come up and tell their story and sing. Great stuff and snagged this shot right after the burger came.

Speaking of Secretly Ya'll events, Richmond Macabre is co-hosting with them to put on a Macabre Masquerade on October 30th, starting around 7PM! For 3 bucks (that will go to Books on Wheels) 3 storytellers will spin yarns, three writers from the book will do some readings, a surprise band, and a DJ to finish off the night with a dance party! Oh yes, this will be good! DO IT!

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