Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Two Hundred and Seventy Ninth...

Number Two Hundred and Seventy Nine:
Home, Dinner, Pizza

The Lundy-Ryans came over for pizza then we went to Bow-Tie to see a movie. First, we thought the joint would be less crowded, for a Tuesday, like who goes to see a flick on a Tuesday night! Boy, we were wrong! They actually have a 6 dollar movie special for cardholders or whatever, so it was pretty crowded.

This napstache is like a cowboystache, maybe "stick em up stache" --I dunno. And despite my best efforts to make the movie some parable about invading foreign lands for their precious resources, I still had to go for what the damn thing actually was; Cowboys and Aliens. I give it a C+. SOMEONE in the special effects department really had a fun time with the Cremora Fireball effect.

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