Friday, August 19, 2011

The Two Hundred and Eighty Second...

Number Two Hundred and Eighty Two:
Home, Dinner, Fajitas

Some exciting things today. No, I'm not talking about the 1 billion sneezes and nose blows due to allergies, I am referring the release of our book Richmond Macabre! Beth picked up the limited prints of the cover by Noah Scalin today, and they look phenomenal! I already want 5!!! We met with the event / education coordinator for The Poe Museum, as well as the curator and one of the contributors who happens to work there. The museum was more than happy to host our Book Release! So great! Sunday, October 2nd, 4-6PM. And, to put the cherry on the kick butt sundae, they also want us at the Poe Memorial Service (Death-a-versary) later in the week on Thursday, October 6th from 6-9PM. We hope to have lots of our contributors around to read and sign copies of the book at both the events. Feels like things are off to a great start!

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