Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Two Hundred and Eighty Sixth...

Number Two Hundred and Eighty Six:

Home, Dinner, Pizza

So yeah, the east coast of the United States had it's worst quake in the past century, 5.8 on the scale. I was in the office, just like I was for the 2003 quake, when it happened. Justin, our part timer, and I kind of looked at each other as the quake lasted at least 10 seconds. It was a little unsettling. Speaking of natural disasters, that made me want to come home and immediately cut the grass in preparation for this hurricane Irene that is suppose to hit us, maybe knocking power out, and bringing tons of rain --best get the grass done now. So if it happens and we're OUT of internet for a few days, I have a NO POST excuse!

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