Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Two Hundred and Ninety First...

Number Two Hundred and Ninety One:
Home, Breakfast, Eggs

The day after Hurricane Irene came through; sunny, calm, getting warmer. Lisa & I picked up sticks, limbs and lawn stuff from the garage. We still have no power, probably won't get it a while (I hope I am wrong), being that we are part of a small row of houses that have no electricity, many around us have it, the retirement home has it, that usually means we are probably screwed. Our awesome neighbors who do have power have given us an outlet to at least keep the small fridge cold, so that's something. I know there is way worse out there so....

Anyway, WRIR rocks. Last night, we had the radio on, searching the dial through the evening for ANY updated weather reports. The only one that was doing effectively was WRIR.

I swear, we tried all over -AM, FM - nothing but people either calling in about downed trees or political pundits trying to blame someone for nature. We roll in on our little LP-FM at the moment they were telling us where the storm was, what the conditions were and what numbers to call. And it was happeneing frequently enough to be awesome. As far as I am concerned, WRIR 97.3 is the GO TO station in a weather emergency, thanks WRIR!

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