Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Two Hundred and Eighty Fourth...

Number Two Hundred and Eighty Four:
Godfrey's, Brunch, Quesadilla

It was our friend Chris' birthday party and Wendy planned a spectacular surprise. Chris thought only a couple of people were joining them for the Drag Brunch at Godfrey's, but Wendy really planned for nearly 40 of us to be there! Talk about a good time. I have been to three now, but several people we were with had never been before, so it was always great to see the newbies getting indoctrinated with Drags. The food was meh, but the booze were fine as well as the Queens. I know I HAD to get a stache with one, but how? Ceci had her idea, but I had my own. I had to get it WHILE getting the mini private dance. Jenny Jusell took the photo (contributor!) while the Liza routine rolled on. I slapped the stache on and she came up to me, did her sexy bit, then innocently asked, "What am I supposed to do with this?" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Like was it some kind of freak-O kink or what!?? Classic! I just said something like, "don't worry about it" and she went on with her foxy stuff! Hilarious! And OH LOOK, here is Ceci, from afar doing HER stache idea, a dollar bill stache! She gets credit!

Guilty party (l-r): Ceci, Stephanie, Birthday Boy, Wendy

So what better thing to call it than: Dragstache!

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