Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Two Hundred and Twenty Fifth...

Number Two Hundred and Twenty Five:


Okay, I know I am backlogged on Napstaches. They have been done, one a day, I just need to blog them, over today and tomorrow (real day of this post is Saturday), I will catch up the days missed. Here is the first in the camping voyage.

We arrived at JRSP in the early afternoon, in time to set up camp on one of the largest campsites I have ever seen in State Parks. We took two spots in the primitive section on the river, "primitive" meaning we basically shared an executive port-o-let with the rest of the people in the area --yuck. Sweet spot though, beautiful view as Lisa and I ate hot dogs, while our friend Ceci, who brought her two boys and the French foreign exchange student, had the fancier tacos.

After we ate, the boys stayed behind missing their X-Box while we took a nice hike where I did the above stache with the trail map. Then we had this view:

Good first night!

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