Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Two Hundred and Thirteenth...

Number Two Hundred and Thirteen:
Michael and Melissa's House, Beer

After Ceci and I had a groovy River City Limits Show on WRIR 97.3 with my band Shoot Fire Yeah! playing live, Lisa and I managed a meal at Avalon, then headed over to our friends Michael and Melissa for beers, chips and great conversation. Ceci and Doyle, Michael and Melissa, and Lisa and I basically hung out on the front porch feeling the cool air brought on by the distant thunder and occasional lightening. What is often best about meeting in small groups is you get a more personal conversation with friends. The laughter is more genuine, the tale spun by the speaker usually more complex and the atmosphere is swell. Anyway, good times on a Saturday night!

I know, I am barely in the picture, but the man faces are clearly more interesting!

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