Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Two Hundred and Twentieth...

Number Two Hundred and Twenty:

Richmond Public Library, Snack, Ice Cream

I honestly don't know why I have such a cranky look in the picture, I think it might have been the sun in my face, so let's go with that. Lisa and I went down to our local library for the Summer Reading Kick Off, which not only had free ice cream, but Barry Fox the Snake Guy doing a program about local snakes, complete with live examples.

Barry holding a recently captured and cranky Black Rat Snake.

It was in the tiny meeting room, and Lisa and I each sat in chairs around the walls with other adults while a host of kids sat on the carpet in the middle. A lady who sat beside me was being very nervous, in a fun way, about seeing live snakes. By the end, she wound up petting one with me. Looks like it was a nice turn out for the event and Lisa and I both know, working for libraries ourselves, how awesome it is to be a small branch and have a great turn out for a program. Support your local library!

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