Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Two Hundred and Eleventh...

Number Two Hundred and Eleven:

Home, Snack, Brownie

Lisa makes great chocolate chip brownies, the cat makes a good loafing philosopher. It was very hot out today, especially working on the Bookmobile where a/c is scarce to non existent. But we get to wear shorts and casual gear for just the occasion and you gotta have it in your blood to be a Bookmobiler...

Anyway, when I came home from work, the cat was outside in the shade. Smart for a cat to know when to stay out of the sun. She comes inside the house with me, I immediately appreciate the central air, the cat immediately sprawls out in the bit of sunshine coming in from some window.

So, as cat logic goes:
Outside + Hot = Shade
Inside + Cool = Sunshine

Who knew?

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